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 hunnic empire

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PostSubject: hunnic empire   hunnic empire I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 7:14 am

goverment:strongest rules

teir 1

horse swordsman
equiptment:horse sword wooden shield

horse archer
equiptment:horse short bow 20 arrows wooden shield

teir 2

hunnish raider
equiptment:sword iron shield iron helmet iron chain mail

hunnic archer lower class
equiptment:short bow 40 arrows iron helmet

teir 3

hunnish hell calvery
equiptment:horse 9 foot pike bronze shield iron helm iron chain

hunnish archer upper class:
equiptment:short bow 60 arrows iron helm iron chain shirt

teir 4

hunnish destroyer
equiptment:5 foot spear compound bow 75 arrows long sword

teir 5 the ultement rank can only be obtained by winning agenst 10 diffrent teir 4's and then getting your faction leaders approvil

hunnic champion
equiptment:horse compound bow 100 arrows long sword shield unequaled horse skill and can mow down all other teir units effortlessly
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hunnic empire
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