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 chinese empire

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PostSubject: chinese empire   chinese empire I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 6:32 am


teir 1 troops

chinese swordsmen
equiptment:a sword shield no armour

equiptment:20 javelins a wooden small shield

teir 2

chinese head hunter
equiptment:dagger,2 short sword's and are very skilled in assenations

chinese archer
equiptment:short bow 40 arrows gladuis for close range

chinese horsemen
equiptment:a horse a 7 foot spear small iron shield

teir 3

chinese frontliner
equiptment:2 short swords a long sword helmet and hevey body armour

chinese dragon lancer
equiptment:dragon lance(the first gun shoots 1 bullet every 2 posts) basic armour short sword for close range

chinese horse warrior
equiptment:a horse long sword standard steel shield 2 short swords for when you arn't on your horse

chinese horse archer
equiptment:a horse short bow 30 arrows wooden sheild chain mail

teir 4

chinese dragon warrior
equiptment:3 loaded dragon lances 2 short swords and incredble skill with them also wear chinse wooden armour with chain mail underneath

chinese dragon rider
equiptment:a horse and 20 loaded dragon lances in a pouch that straps onto the side of the horse also have a sword for when out of dragon lances wear 2 lairs of chain mail

teir 5 the ultement rank only obtainible by defeating 10 teir 4's and getting approvil from your ruler

black drangon
equiptment:black painted plate armour 2 swords 5 drangon lances and are only matched by other teir 5's anything else dies with little effort from them
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chinese empire
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